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Baltika Draft Nonfiltered
Baltika Razlivnoe Nonfiltered is bottled right after brewing, skipping not only pasteurization, as other Baltika Razlivnoe sorts, but also filtration.

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Baltika Razlivnoe line was launched in spring 2010. Today it includes Baltika Razlivnoe, Baltika Razlivnoe Nonfiltered, and Baltika Razlivnoe Fresh. All these sorts are non-pasteurized with shelf life of 4 months. Baltika Razlivnoe allows customers to enjoy the mild flavor of a fresh draught beer anywhere, not only in the bar.

Ingredients: purified drinking water, pale barley malt, malt extract, hop products.
Alcohol content – not less than 4.6 % by volume
Original wort gravity: 10.5 %
Energy value per 100 g of beer – 39.0 kilocalories
Nutritional value per 100 g of beer - carbohydrates not more than 3.0g
Shelf life: 4 months

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