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A classic porter beer brewed according to traditional English recipes. This dark beer possesses a full flavor, as well as high density and strength. Hints of wine can be felt in the aroma.

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Alcohol content: not less than 7%
by volume Energy: 60 kilocalories per 100 g of beer
Nutritional value: not more than 6,0 g of carbohydrates per 100 g of beer
Ingredients: Water, light barley caramel malt and burnt malt, maltose syrup and hops
Sold in 0,5 lt glass bottles.

Awards: Best women's beer 1995 • Gold medal of tasting competition "Beer & Beverage Industry Beer Auction" 1995, 2003 • "Best Dark Beer" 1996, 1999 • Best Beer 2003 • Platinum Osiris “Best Dark Beer” 2004 • Gold Osiris “Best Dark Beer" 2005 • Gold Medal of the International Brewers Competition "Best beer of the year" 2004, 2005 • "European Beer Star Awards" 2004, 2005 • The Brewing Industry International Awards 2005

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